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    Value of Industrial Chain产业链价值
    Breed Selection选种
    We elaborately select high quality beef category to breed and fatten, so as to make sure the top-grade quality of the products and the excellent taste. 

    We provide the clean and comfortable environment for every cattle, feed with nuisanceless forages, take regular immunization and strictly control the medicines to make sure the products are healthy and safe.

    We formulate the scientific and precise standard operation procedures in accordance with the features of every post. Products, from fine gift packaging to large packaging for big customers, can meet the customization demands from different customers against difference of product quality and the delivery timeliness.

    The high-grade products, excellent delivery assurance and perfect after-service have won the acceptance of consumers for Zhenjia Food, which will bring forth the new marketing model, let more consumers try Zhenjia’s food and enjoy the happiness of life.

    Zhenjia Food actively researches for deeply processed, finely processed and small-packaging products, and strives to build a great Chinese beef brand.

    Shandong Zhen Jia Food Import and Export Co., Ltd
    Contact: Panjing Li  Mobile: 13884721888  Tel: 0537-7666888  Fax: 0537-7660668
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